Our Story

iGoSmart-Pro Smartphone Holder

Perfecting the industry standards for smartphone holders!

In 2018 iGoSmart-Pro was founded by Andy. iGoSmart-Pro positioned itself to design leading edge smartphone holders for the automotive industry. We wanted to perfect smartphone holders for the automotive industry,truck industry and RV industry. We spent over 3 years going over various smartphone holders on the market. We analysed their strengths and weaknesses. Upon analysing strength and weaknesses we concluded that most of this came down to cost and quality of materials used along with type of mount used. With safety being first we wanted to design a smartphone holder that was usable while Drivers always maintained keeping both hand on steering wheel. The best place to have your hands on steering wheel is at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock on steering wheel allowing for smartphone holder to be within fingertip reach of left hand or right hand while both hands are on steering wheel while both hands remain on steering wheel. The majority of the smartphone holders require you to take one of your hands off steering wheel to access your smartphone. The other smartphone holders also did not offer as strong of a suction cup mount for windshields or as strong and durable arms for the smartphone holder. We took into consideration that many smartphone users often update new smartphones on a year or two year basis so we wanted to design one which you could buy once and continue to use with various smartphones. We did not stop there but wanted to allow the same smartphone holder to be customisable with accessories that you can not only hold a smartphone but hold a digital camera and hold a Go-Pro action camera as well. In the end we also wanted to offer a high end model made from carbon fibre for those who wanted only the best for the vehicle. With our windshield suction cup mount holder we cut no corners to save on cost. We designed a magnetic holder that not only could hold a smartphone but could also an iPad Pro as well. Our magnetic smartphone holders were meant to hold smartphones only as we also have a special holder just for tablets but we tested our magnetic smartphone holders on a 10.5” iPad Pro as well too to make sure they were strong enough.

While out testing over the years we found that not all vehicles were alike and not all vehicles had the same dashboard depths either so to make things easier we decided to design our smartphone holders with various arm lengths to suit your vehicle,truck or RV. If you are not sure shoot us an email and we will help you with order.

Grocery/Cargo Trunk Organizer

Perfecting the industry standards!

In 2018 iGoSmart-Pro was founded by Andy. iGoSmart-Pro positioned itself to perfect trunk organizers,seat organizers,smartphone accessories and tablet accessories for the automotive industry.
iGoSmart-Pro wants to help people organize their trunks and keep groceries from flying around in your trunk. We would like to make sure that every item placed inside your iGoSmart-Pro Trunk Organizer arrives in the same exact place that you placed it when you get back home from a trip to the grocery store.

Andy wanted to start up a business that helps people keep organized. A lot of people have a lot of clutter in their cars and often arrive home from the supermarket with spilled drinks or mashed up fruits and vegetables by the time they have hit the brakes a few times or come around a few corners a few times.

Most trunks come with a huge amount of trunk storage which is great but when you pick up a few items from the grocery store those items tend to fly all over the place by the time you get home. Where do you place your cake? Where do you place your flowers? Where do you place your melons and tomatoes?

Whether you are looking to organize your clutter in your car or have an organized trunk organizer compartment for your grocery shopping the iGoSmart-Pro has your back.

Most trunk organizers come with poor straps which means that your trunk organizer will still move around in your trunk when you take a sharp turn or have to make an emergency brake. I designed this trunk organizer with special large dual eyelets on each corner allowing for straps to hold each corner securely. Our iGoSmart-Pro Trunk Organizer allows the trunk organizer to either be strapped on top or bottom as I designed it with dual straps on both bottom and top of trunk organizer. This iGoSmart-Pro Trunk Organizer’s dual eyelets in each corner means that the organizer will neither go side to side when you take a sharp turn or back and forth when you accelerate quickly or brake suddenly because it comes with 4 straps that mount to each corner of the iGoSmart-Pro Trunk Organizer. This is the ultimate trunk organizer that you want in your trunk!