iGoSmart-Pro Magnetic Smartphone Holder Mount for Sun Visor (Calls Only)

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New Updated MagSafe Version: Twice as strong as previous version with MagSafe compatibility when using our new custom designed ring plates. New magnetic MagSafe holder now uses magnets that are now thicker and have a bigger diameter for stronger holding power but we didn't stop there as we upped the magnets from 6 magnets to 9 N54 magnets which are now 12*6mm each.

If you are a Taxi Driver,Lyft Driver, Uber Driver, Delivery Person, Courier person,Truck Driver or someone that really spend s a lot of time driving on the road then you really need one of these magnetic smartphone holders for your sin visor. This is mainly for phone calls only and is the ultimate magnetic smartphone holder mount for your smartphone that mounts on your sun visor allowing to immediately remove smartphone from air vent holder or windshield holder right up to within inches of your face. The advantage is this that this brings the smartphone closer to your mouth and allows you to face the microphones at the bottom of the smartphone in the direction of which you speak into. This results in better sound quality for the person on the other side. The person on the other side can hear you better and clearer with less background noise. If you have the smartphone held on an air vent that is ok for Google navigation but not so good for phone calls as the smartphone is far away from your mouth and the smartphone picks up all the noise from either the cold air blowing out of air conditioner vents or hot air from air vents if you have the heater on. The combination of the air blowing out of the air vents next to the microphones inside the smartphone and distance of the smartphone to your mouth results in a horrible call quality. If you talk a lot while driving this is the perfect device to have. Simply attach magnetic plate inside or outside your smartphone case and you are ready to go. If your smartphone case is thin you can put plate on the inside but if it is real thick we recommend it being put on outside (meaning back side of smartphone case).

This magnetic holder is quite strong as the rest of our magnetic holders which is strong enough to hold any smartphone without needing to worry about it falling off while driving (unless you are doing off road driving). We use some of the best and strongest magnets inside. In fact we have 9 of them which are strong enough to hold an iPad Pro 11" although it was not designed to hold an iPad Pro 11" I tested the magnetic holder with an iPad Pro 11" to see what weight it would hold up to. This pretty much covers all the basic 5-7" smartphone sizes  on the market today from Apple,Samsung,Huawei,Oppo,HTC, Google Pixel,Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, One Plus One, Xiaomi, Etc.. Package comes with 3 plates that need to be mounted on either back of smartphone, inside your smartphone case (depends on smartphone case), or on back of smartphone case.


If you get caught holding smartphone while driving a fine can be quite expensive so why hold it in your hand, risk driving safety by taking both hands off steering wheel and risk an expensive traffic fine as well when you have a 3rd hand that holds your smartphone in the perfect mounting position allowing you to focus on the road ahead of you. See videos below for more info on how it is used.



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